Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't silence the arts

      Today, in lue of my planned model (psh... models.) I took pictures and video of an event at Modesto Junior College that I was a part of. The college is being put in the terrible position of being forced to cut between 8 and 16 MILLION dollars from it budget in the coming semesters, and the idea was broached "hey, why don't we slaughter the arts division? They prolly don't matter..." (okay, so it likely went nothing at all like that, but it's artistic license [get it?]) We rallied outside the presidents office and made sure that they knew otherwise. We put on a pre-mature funeral for the Art as a whole (from traditional art to theatre television, film, we also had a few graphic artists there) and together mourned for our friend. We had several speaks give some beautiful tributes and eulogies as well, very touching stuff.
      I started out taking pictures, which is what I'm used to, but when the speakers started I switched to video. Ugh, video is hard. You have to move, think, and act in different ways to make a shot good. In the end I think I one out, but I'll be sure to study up on my videography before I try again!
     71 pictures, 21 minutes of video with my Finepix s700

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  1. Haha Steven is doing such a bad ass walk right there !